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Two Princesses of the Sea (NaLu,Gruvia)
Chapter two

Its been10 years since that day and everything has changed over time, King Jude forbid to ever head to the surface ever since he saw his wife being murdered by those humans or in his case ‘barbarians’. Lucy and Juvia were put on strict watch for their own safety but in their perspective to them it seems more like a prison, but that didn’t made them forget the two boys who saved them.
Lucy still had Natsu’s wristband on her right hand and Juvia just couldn’t forget his face and every time she remembered she would blush. But during those years it was almost nothing but hardship, Juvia was always the strict one when when it comes to her royal duties and was a brilliant at it but for Lucy it really didn’t suit to her level even if she is a genius at it she just really didn't care for it, she was more of the carefree type then Juvia; the only thing she enjoyed doing was writing, cooking, and the rest of the arts. But, if there’s one thing they have in common was that they wanted to go back to the surface or at least have thing back to normal before their died.  
Even though they weren’t aloud to head toward the surface anymore they would sneak out at night and swim to the coast line and sit on the rocks looking at the moon’s reflection on the water above them hoping that the two boys that helped them were okay.

Up in the surface, what they didn’t know was that Gray’s a prince of the kingdom, Magnolia,and Natsu’s his best friend or was it frenemy its hard to tell  -_- , either way they never forgot about Juvia and Lucy. After the attack was over they searched nearly the entire kingdom hoping to find them but never found them but neither of them gave up hope of seeing them again; they know they’re out there somewhere they just had to find them...wherever they are.

During those ten years in the ocean Lucy inherited her mother’s celestial spirit magic and her keys, and Juvia’s able to use water magic from their father’s side, but thanks to their father rules they weren’t aloud to use their magic unless it was an absolute emergency. Lucy and Juvia ignored their father’s rule and practice using their magic any way behind his back ‘and sometimes literally’ mainly because they miss having magic around their home and kingdom. Juvia would sometimes play with her water magic just a little and Lucy would summon Plue when ever she felt lonely or alone.

So Far today felt like a normal day for everyone, Juvia and Lucy were in the study room relaxing, Juvia was reading one of Lucy short stories along with some of her studies while Lucy was writing another short story but hopes to make it into a novel. Thats when Juvia felt a disturbance in the waters ( that’s something she learned with her magic) and that got Lucy’s attention as well.

Lucy: “Juvia, what’s wrong?”
Juvia: “I feel something near by in the surface.”(goes to the window) “Up there.”
Lucy: “A Ship! Wow its huge. Lets go check it out.”

Before Lucy had a chance to swim out the window Juvia grabbed her tail and pulled her back in.
Juvia: “Hold it right there; we don’t know ‘what’ could be on board that ship. They could be pirates, or worse. Are really going to take that chance now.”
Lucy: “we won’t know until we find out; you don’t have to come if you don’t want to, but I’m definitely checking it out.”(swims away)
Juvia: (groans) “....Fine. Hey wait up.”
Lucy: “I knew you come around, lets go.”

Once they reached the surface they were only a few feet from the ship but they were able to hear music and laughter from there. Lucy decided to get closer look, and Juvia followed her,to see what’s going on. Once they reached the ship they jumped and sat on a ledge on the upper side of the ship peeking through the hole of the ship’s deck and they couldn’t believe their eyes. On the ship were groups of people having fun like no tomorrow and they all had the same symbol but different colors located on their body. Suddenly a long red haired woman in armor along with a long white haired one came out from the lower deck one of the men called one Erza and the other Mirajane or Mira for short.

Erza: “Okay everyone quiet down, we have an announcement.”
Lucy,Juvia: ‘ That was fast.’
Erza: “Thank you; today we’re celebrating a special day.”
(Everyone Cheers)
Mira: “That’s right everyone, Today is Gray’s birthday!”

While everyone was cheering again Gray rose from his seat and walked to the to center of the ship and everyone started clapping for the birthday boy who was now 18.

Juvia: ‘ Gray-sama! It’s really him.’ (blushes)
Lucy: “Hey isn’t that the guy you always talk to me about?”
Juvia: “Yes, its really him.”
Lucy: “Hmm.” ‘ I wonder if Natsu’s here too.’
Mira: "We made you a present Gray."
Erza: “You better appreciate it.”
Gray: (shutters) “You guys really didn’t have to you know.”

When Gray removed the sheet covering his present he was shocked of not what it was but what had happened to it.

Gray: “Um….you made me a scorched statue
Both: “What!?”

Everyone looked at it and was surprised it was covered in charcoal with some burnt ashes and they all nearly laughed out loud when they saw the mustache and glasses. Suddenly they heard two people laughing like a maniacs on the upper deck near the wheel and they all knew who it was.

Gray: “Natsu you bastard! What did you do this for!?”
Natsu: “Just see that funny look on you face! HAHA... this is too good HAHA...right Happy.”
Happy: (snickering) “Aye sir”
Erza: “Natsu...Happy.”(glares)
Both: (gulps) “Gotta go.” (starts running)
Erza: “Get back here you two and face your punishment!”
Lucy: ‘Its Natsu! He’s okay.’ (smiles)
Juvia: “That must be the boy you told me about. They sure have grown up.”
Lucy: “So true.”

And just when everyone was enjoying themselves and having fun Juvia felt another disturbance not far away from them. As she turned around as did Lucy they saw a herd of storm clouds coming right at them and the really started to worry.

Suddenly a little girl with long blue hair named Wendy saw the storm clouds as well and that also got everyones attention. Thats when Erza started ordering everyone to their authorized positions on the ship for the storm that was about to hit them.
Juvia and Lucy didn’t want to take any chances so they came up with an idea, instantly, to help them. There’s only one way to escape a storm and that was the eye of the storm.

While everyone was working on their positions on the ship, Lucy and Juvia dived under water to the bottom of the ship and started to control the water leading them to the eye of the storm.( And yes Lucy also knows a little water magic from Juvia for extra support)

Time skim -

Once they reached the eye of the storm everyone was relieved they made it though like some kind of miracle not knowing it was Lucy and Juvia leading them there. Juvia and Lucy were exhausted but glad that everyone made it through the storm okay.
When the clouds and waves calm down and it stopped raining the ship set sail for Magnolia which wasn’t too far away in their distance for some reason, just lucky they guessed.
As they reached the harbor Juvia and Lucy jumped off the ship again when they almost went into port and harbor of Magnolia, even though they were glad that they were okay it upset them that they had to leave without even saying hello or goodbye but the sun was setting and the last thing they need was a argument with their father and get suspicious about their whereabouts.

Lucy and Juvia swam down, back home, everyone else got off the ship and to the castle. Natsu went into his room and went through his drawer and found Lucy’s stuffed dragon, he looked all over magnolia but still couldn’t find her. But his gut kept telling him she’s out there somewhere and he wasn’t planning to give anytime soon until he knew she’s okay or if she’s in trouble so giving up wasn’t an option for him right now. Gray was in the same boat as Natsu, ever since that day he hope to find Juvia and see if she was okay but no one in Magnolia knew her or where she came from. He’s really hoping to see the day he finds her wherever she is.
Over the years when Natsu was 13 years old he found an egg that was nearly half his size and in two days when it hatched in the castle a blue cat came out and Natsu named him Happy. Now Natsu’s 18 with Happy by his side. Natsu’s told him about Lucy and why he’s searching for her, and even though he only met her once he felt like he knew her for a long time and she made him happy.
Happy understood and was glad to help Natsu on his search of the blond girl he met that night.

- time skim - (night time)

After they finished having dinner with their father they went straight to their rooms getting ready for bed but before they did Juvia was writing in her journal of what they did today before she hid it and Lucy was finishing writing her short story. When they were done they went to the window and prayed to their mother goodnight. As they got into bed Juvia was still thinking about Gray and will probably dream have a nice about him, Lucy was gazing at the wristband Natsu gave her before she left and could stop thinking about him and how much he has grown over the years. Then she looked out the window from her bed and hoped to see him again.


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Questions by : :iconsweetb15:

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 my favorite filling would be gum filling on lollypops

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I don't know who they are v-v sorry

3. if you were five what would be your first wish?
the power of telacanieses ( I'm not sure if I spelled that right but you know what I mean)

4. Legos or Megablocks!!!! 
Lego to the core >^<

5. can you name 5 Johnny Deep movies, if so name them
Sorry I don't know

6.what is your favorite anime canon pairing?
NaLu (Natsu x Lucy) SoMa (Soul x Maka) Yoiori (Yato x Hiyori) XD to the core

7.why is the world cruel? [scientific answer please lol]
to tell you the truth, to me the world in my eyes is not cruel, cores I just be delusional  

8. what is your favorite olympic sport?
volleyball, tennis, archery, and swimming

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Not a clue UoU

10. would your skull be big or small if u saw it?
I would guess It would be big

my questions:

1.Favorit (if you play it) Nintendo game?
2.what way of drawing do you do? you trust banks?
4.favorite stuffed animal XD?
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