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Two Princesses of the Sea (NaLu, Gruvia)
Chapter one

Near the kingdom Magnolia was the ocean that hold a very interesting secret that not even the people of Magnolia knew. Beneath the waters far out in the ocean was the kingdom of atlantis, home of the merpeople along with the sea creatures and sea life. Unlike the people above their world the merpeople can use magic in their kingdom and today was a special day. Today is the harvest moon festival that only came once a year and on this day the merpeople would swim up to the surface and join the humans, secretly, by using their magic to give themselves legs and enjoy the festival with them. and the ones who enjoyed the festival the most were two little girls, daughter of king Jude and Queen Laya. The first born had blue hair and a blue dress, the second born had blond hair and a pink dress. The king and queen always let them explore the festival alone as long as they didn’t get lost.
The 7 year old blond girl went on ahead in a split second while the 8 year old bluenette stayed and sat near the beach side enjoying the harvest moon hovering the ocean view.The blond girl was looking around for something to do. Suddenly she notice a pink haired boy,who looked a year older than her, was complaining ‘how could I lose’ and ‘this game cheats’ stuff like that. With nothing else to do she decided to help him out.

Girl: “Hi there.”
Boy: “What do you want?”
Girl: “You know, there’s a trick to winning this game.”
Boy: “Oh yeah, I like to see you try and win but you’re wasting you time on this game as far as I know trust-”
Man: “We have a winner.”(gives her a stuffed dragon)
Girl: “Thank you mister. See, its all in the wrist when it comes to ring toss.”
Boy: “Beginers luck.”(pouts)
Girl: (rolls her eyes) “If you say so.”(about to leave)
Boy: “Hey, where are you going?”
Girl: “To get something to eat, you wanna come?”
Boy: “Yes Please!” (smiles) “by the way the names Natsu Dragneel.”
Girl: “Mines Lucy Heartfilia.”

While Lucy was with Natsu, the bluenette girl was still enjoying the breathtaking view that she didn’t notice a raven haired boy was behind her.

Boy: “Uh...hello.”
Girl: “Huh?” (turns around)

When the bluenette turned around and saw the raven haired boy  she couldn’t help but blush whens saw him, he looked around her age but taller and was holding two snow cones that had blue syrup on both of them. Suddenly he walked toward her and sat next to her.

Boy: “Um, I notice you were sitting here for a while and I thought you might be hungry.” (hands one to her)
Girl: (blushes) “Thank you.” (takes it)
Boy: “My name’s Gray Fullbuster. What's your’s?”
Girl: “Juvia Lockster Heartfilia. Its very nice to meet you Gray-sama.”

While everyone was having fun in the festival a masked man with a sword by his side and a group of men with weapons and torches were hiding in the trees ready to strike with blood shed.

Man: “Men, today is the day we will be victorious and rid of the creatures that walk among us. Today is the day we will be rid of those evil syrins! Are you all with me.”
Men: “Yes sir!”
Man: “Then Charge!”
Thats when disaster struck the innocent and the accused. Everyone in the festival was both shocked and scared, some hid and others ran for dear life away from the attackers. The men that were attacking scanned the people carefully to tell if they were either human or syrins.
Jude was leading his people to safety while Laya was searching for their daughters. You see, for years merpeople were always accused of being syrins and its really hard to tell the difference except that syrins have a spiral mark on their left side of the hip and merpeople have it on the right so you can guess how that can get confusing how no one can tell the difference.
Natsu and Lucy were hiding under the table, Natsu was hugging Lucy close to him so she wouldn’t get scared, not knowing why were they being attacked. One of the men tried to kill Juvia but Gray stopped him and told Juvia to run away to safety, but Juvia didn’t want to leave him like this but she could see the plea in his eyes so she did what she was told and ran. Luckly Laya found Juvia before anything happened to her when she suddenly ran into her now they had to find Lucy and fast.
Another one of the men found Natsu and Lucy under the table, so he flipped over the table and grabbed Lucy by the arm and lift her to his face filling her with fear while holding a dagger close to her face. Natsu couldn’t let that guy hurt Lucy, he found a leg that broke off the table, ran behind him and it him on the back of the head that knocked him out and dropping Lucy. Natsu threw away the stick and grabbed lucy’s hand and started running and ended up running into the woods.
Laya and Juvia saw Lucy running with some pink haired boy into the woods and they started following them. When Natsu and Lucy couldn't run anymore they stopped by a hollow grounded tree and went in, Natsu noticed Lucy’s wrist was a little sore so he took one of his wristbands and put on her.Natsu told Lucy to stay here while her went to see if it was safe yet, Lucy nodded and he went off, but by the time he left Laya and Juvia found her and told her that they needed to leave now. Lucy didn’t want to leave without at least saying good-bye to Natsu and thanking him but she had no choice and joined her mother and sister, but when she got up she didn’t notice that she dropped her stuffed dragon she won with Natsu in the hollow grounded tree on the spot he told her to stay until he got back.
When they left about 5 minutes Natsu came back and couldn’t see Lucy anywhere but instead found her stuffed dragon she won. He called out her name but no one answered then calls turned into pleas and then turned into screams for an answer.
While Laya, Juvia, and Lucy were running Lucy could hear Natsu calling out to her but she ignored it even though she didn’t want, she really tried.
While the were running they heard some of the group of the men gaining on them from another direction causing them to take the wrong path that lead to the cliff side instead of the beach. Laya knew the were heading the wrong direction , she hold her daughters hands tightly knowing this wasn’t going to end good not knowing how right she was.
When the reached the edge of the cliff King Jude saw his wife and daughters on the high cliff from the water and started worrying dreadly. Before Laya could pick up her daughters and jump into the water the man in the mask appeared along with a few of his men right behind him only a few feet away from them.

Man: “There’s nowhere to go now wenches. Make one more move and we will attack without mercy. Isn’t that right men!”
Men: “Yeah!”

All their cheering started scaring them but Lucy was the most affected and was terrified in fear she could feel the tears coming out of her eyes.

Lucy: “Mom….I’m scared.”
Laya: “Its okay Lucy. What do you want with us. We have done nothing wrong to anyone. We have done no sin.”
Man: “no sin you say. All you syrins are the same. Trying to fool and deceive us with your voices that had countless men and women to die at sea, and you say you have done no sin! Die you wench!”

Lucy,Juvia: “Mama!”

Before the masked man attacked her, Laya pushed Juvia and Lucy off the cliff and safe into the water with their father causing her to die alone by the masked man’s hands, but before that she told her daughters “Stay safe and take care of your father for me.” before dieing.
Lucy and Juvia turned back into mermaids once they hit the water by their father’s side. They could bare the thought of their mother dead right before their eyes once they were swimming back home so they hugged their father tightly while crying for their mother as they swam home with their now broken hearted father.


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Questions by : :iconsweetb15:

1. What is your favorite candy filling?
 my favorite filling would be gum filling on lollypops

2. Mavin, joelay or freewood? [if you dont know roosterteeth pairs please answer this with ur favorite pairing of them all?]
I don't know who they are v-v sorry

3. if you were five what would be your first wish?
the power of telacanieses ( I'm not sure if I spelled that right but you know what I mean)

4. Legos or Megablocks!!!! 
Lego to the core >^<

5. can you name 5 Johnny Deep movies, if so name them
Sorry I don't know

6.what is your favorite anime canon pairing?
NaLu (Natsu x Lucy) SoMa (Soul x Maka) Yoiori (Yato x Hiyori) XD to the core

7.why is the world cruel? [scientific answer please lol]
to tell you the truth, to me the world in my eyes is not cruel, cores I just be delusional  

8. what is your favorite olympic sport?
volleyball, tennis, archery, and swimming

9. dun dun dun [snap snap]  dun dun dun [snap snap] dun dun dun, dun dun, dun dun [snap snap]  if u know this refrense please answer back
Not a clue UoU

10. would your skull be big or small if u saw it?
I would guess It would be big

my questions:

1.Favorit (if you play it) Nintendo game?
2.what way of drawing do you do? you trust banks?
4.favorite stuffed animal XD?
5. what chines zodiac or horoscope sign are you
6.favorite fruit or drink?
7.Faries or pixies?
8.what was the first anime you watch?
9.If you could have any power what would it be?
10.if you could be animal what would it be?


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